In this webinar, we review the most commonly used management systems across the world and discuss the benefits that they can bring to your business. We share our thoughts about how the continual improvement process and the Plan Do Check Act framework of management systems can help drive innovation in a business. We also discuss the key principles for an effective management of innovation activities. Finally, we also provide you with all the information you need to get free support through the NextGenChem Hub to continue your sustainability journey.
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This webinar will:

  • Introduce management systems and their benefits

  • Provide examples of how managements system can boost innovation

  • Share the key principles for an effective management of innovation activities

  • Discuss how you can get support from NGC to further your sustainability journey

How will you benefit from this webinar?

  • Go beyond regulatory compliance

  • Achieve a competitive advantage

  • Reduce costs

Presented by

Elisabeth Luther

Elisabeth Luther is the Yordas Project Director for NextGenChem. She is also Principal of Sustainability services at Yordas, where she leads the delivery of sustainability services, including management systems. She holds a Master of Environment from Universite de Sherbrooke and a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences from McGill University.