This webinar provides a high-level introduction to life cycle assessment (LCA), including benefits and applications. Our expert will then demonstrate how LCA can be used in SMEs to support innovation. We will also provide you with all the information you need to get free LCA support through the NextGenChem Hub to continue your sustainability journey.

This webinar introduces some of the facilities, experts and expertise available through the NextGenChem Hub

  • Innovate

    Learn how to utilise support to develop next-generation technology solutions, improved products and novel materials in your business.

  • Engage

    Find out about the full range of support available on the project and learn how to engage with our experts.

  • Explore

    Explore experiences and ideas with like-minded businesses and experts involved in the NextGenChem Hub.

Presented by

Sustainability Consultant

Damon Waterworth

Damon joined Yordas Group after completing his Masters in Energy and Environment at Lancaster University. Damon leads the development and delivery of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Management System and Auditing (MS&A) services.